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  • Namaksha Technologies: Famous Economical Multi-Level Marketing Software, Android, IOS Application Development in Pune, Maharastra, India.
    Our 20+ years experience in providing

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    Namaksha Technologies: Best Multi-Level Marketing Software, Chain Marketing, Netwok Marketing, Android, IOS Application Development in Pune, Maharastra, India.
  • Namaksha Technologies: Reliable Customized software development based Company in Pune, Maharastra, India.
    Namaksha Technologies: top Multi-Level Marketing Software, Netwok Marketing, Chain Marketing, Android, IOS Application Development in Pune, Maharastra, India.
  • Namaksha Technologies: Reliable Android and IOS Application Development company in Pune, Maharastra, India.
    Our persistant

    Ethical Service

    is the key to our successful business.
    Namaksha Technologies: topmost Multi-Level Marketing Software, Netwok Marketing, Chain Marketing, Android, IOS Application Development in Pune, Maharastra, India.
  • Namaksha Technologies: Reliable Web Hosting Services in Pune, Maharastra, India.

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     Customized Software Development
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     Web Hosting
     Digital Marketing
     Responsive Website Designing
    Namaksha Technologies: high Multi-Level Marketing Software, Netwok Marketing, Chain Marketing, Android, IOS Application Development in Pune, Maharastra, India.
  • Namaksha Technologies: Reliable Search Engine Optimisation service provider company in Pune, Maharastra, India.
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    Namaksha Technologies: topmost Web Hosting, Digital Marketing, Netwok Marketing, Chain Marketing, Android, IOS Application Development in Pune, Maharastra, India.
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Economical best mlm | network | chain marketingheading

We are the masters in providing the Best Network Marketing or Direct Selling Software for the past 20 years. We assure that our Direct Selling Software provides the maximum number of facilities than any other company. It is suitable to any type of Incentives in the Direct Selling Industry provided that the Incentive Plan comply the legal regulations. We don’t sell any software for money circulation, Bit coin, ROI types of incentive plans. We would strongly recommend the Enquiries to compare the below given points with the other available companies in the market and then take a decision to buy the Best suitable Direct Selling Software.

We providing the economical best MLM software


We are one of the oldest MLM Software development company in India implementing the Most Featured and appreciated Network Marketing Software all over India for more than 20 years. Experience always counts and can’t be compared with any other thing unless and until compromising the quality of work. Now we are addressed as a Doctor of Direct selling Industry by many of our clients. We express our gratitude to them for the lovely compliment they bestowed upon us! Many newcomers have diverted their attention towards the development of Direct Selling Software as it being a special purpose software and they are selling it at lower rates just to attract the concerned companies. But it is found that unfortunately the so called newcomers have failed to handle or satisfy certain requirements of the customers which have ultimately lead the customer to adopt another software by paying an extra amount. Half or lack of software experience is always equal to suicide in MLM business. As of now we have implemented more than 1000 MLM Softwares and successfully handled infinite difficult situations as per the requirement of our clients. This leaded us to be more robust and dynamic thereby increasing our abilities towards handling critical situations of our clients. We have also undertaken such direct selling softwares which were improperly implemented and managed by other developers. We have converted their whole database to our software and as of now the systems is working smoothly.


Most of the Clients are misguided by software professionals for selling their MLM Software at lowest cost, which lacks major features. Companies have to repay the amount again for developing new and additional features later. We always see to it that our World Famous Multi-Level Marketing software is implemented with fully loaded unmatched Features and Facilities, so that our client won’t face any problems in terms of spending any more for extra features and facilities. It is important to mention that our Most Advanced Featured Direct Selling Software is consisting of more than 500 Facilities that no other can even think of.


We guarantee you that whatever and however complicated the incentive plan is, our Best MLM software will give you outstanding results with hassle free operations. We always implement the software after the successful testing with the client. Once the client is satisfied with all the facilities and the calculation part, we suggest going live. Some of the developers indulged into malpractices and assure you to start the software immediately for your network by providing very few options like new registrations, genealogy etc. You never know whether these softwares will perform as per your incentive plans and it might be the case that the software made with logical bugs may lead you in paying much more than you’re earning. Therefore, we request you not to accept such proposals just to save some. With a rigorous and consistent Network Marketing Software Development work for the past 20 years, we ensure that the Logics we put into the software are just perfect to suit your incentive plans.


One of the strongest aspects of our company is the Un-Matched after Sales Service that we offer to our Clients. Many individuals or companies are selling the Software at low prices just to grab the orders but later on harass clients for service charges. Herein we have a very thoughtful and economically suitable Best Chain Marketing Software designed for those who value the kind of services that we offer. It is needless to explain why some of the MLM companies are availing our services for more than 10 years consistently and many of them have awarded us for the Support Quality that we provide. Some companies do have a policy in software development that the client has to avail charged services every now and then for silly reasons, a new kind of harassment! Some developers unnecessarily delay the support work just to show the amount of work done to charge more. We think in a different way. We design the software in such a way that the client is never short of features which are designed in such a simple way that the client hardly calls for a problem. We update the software according to the latest trends and hence you being our client avail new features as surprises.


We consider this MLM business at a top priority in all aspects. We are using Linux based PHP framework for the development with the help of MariaDB as a Database to keep your data secured. Each and every facility in the software is appropriately secured by different software techniques like encryption, decryption and prevention to SQL injections, robotic attacks etc. You never know that who’s going to attack your software at any level. No software or site can be 100% protected in today’s world. But we try our best to implement the latest techniques even after the implementation of the Direct Selling Software to protect it.


We are proved to provide ethical services in the market since more than 20 years and so people have gained trust in us. The one who adopt our services will never complain about our loyalty. We never interfere in the customer’s business either by keeping a watch on their income or success. MLM industry has experienced many crises wherein software professionals have duped the company either by diverting the funds to their own accounts or planting some IDs in the software. We assure you that no one from our team will be associated to your business in any terms forever. Our company will be related to your company in terms of software development and support only.


Being experienced in the Network Marketing Software we have closely seen failure of MLM Companies due to drawbacks with Incentive Plans, Strategies and Software Calculations etc. Whenever we come across a new requirement, client presents us 3-4 different incentive plans to study and this builds our experience in analyzing and identifying the major problems with the incentive plans. Some developers may neglect the Incentive Plan drawbacks just to grab the software order or due to lack of experience. But this is the stage where the fortune of the company begins. We are so clear about the incentive plans that many times we refuse to accept the software development orders just because of the unethical incentive structure. We always make sure that the incentive plans of our clients are ethically and legally correct. We don’t sell any software for money circulation, Coin, ROI types of incentive plans.

Our Other Services

We provide Software like Customized Software Development,Web based Softwares, Marketing Softwares, Real Estate Software, Software for Discount Cards Services.

Customized Software Development

We help our client to achieve their business purpose by providing the best consultation. Our main concern is to make the organisation equip with the entire technology, operational activities of Information Technology. Read more...

We provide services like Android app, Mobile app, IOS, iPhone app, Web Services.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Devices have almost conquered the world of Internet. A large number of today’s population is controlled by smart phones with Android Operating System, i-phone Operating System, Blackberry OS etc. Read more...

We provide services Windows, Linux, Reseller, Cloud, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers at IDC, Domain Names Registrations, 24x7 Support, SSL, Email, Sitelock Services.

Web Hosting

We can understand the importance of support requirements of the clients. Hence our experts are providing the Admin Level prompt and excellent online 24x7 support for the services they avail. Read more...

We provide services like SEO, SMO, SMM, PPC, SMS, Email, Content Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium. Read more...

We provide services like Full Responsive Website Designing, Mobile Website Designing, Re-Designing, WordPress, CMS.

Responsive Website Designing

Responsive Website Designing relates to designing & building a web page according to the environment of the visitor’s screen size, platform and the orientation. Read more...

We provide services like Logo, Brochure, Leaflet, Pamphlet Designing, Name Branding.

Graphics Designing

Graphic design is the process of visual communication and problem-solving using one or more of typography, photography and illustration. Read more...

We provide services like Discount, Privilege, Reward Cards Software Development

Software for Privilege Cards

Namaksha Technologies has developed a customised software in which the company provides cards to its customers and avails discounts for their services. Read more...

We provide services like Accounting, C.A., GST, Income Tax, Consultant.

Software for C. A.

Namaksha Technologies has designed a Web Application for Tax Consultancy firm which has the facility of Accounting, Taxation, Auditing for various types of Business Organizations, Trusts, Co- operative Societies etc. Read more...

We provide services like Multiple Online Property, N.A. Plots, Flats, Row Houses, Agricultural Land, Booking, Selling, Consultant Network, Management, Multiple Projects.

Real Estate Software

Namaksha Technologies has designed a Web Application for booking a property that becomes easier for a sales executive not only to keep a track of the bookings but also it can check the commission earned after selling the Property successfully to the enquiry. Read more...

We provide services like Web based economical software for educational institues, classes.

Education System Software

Computer Education is almost spread in all spheres of life as it plays a significant role in modern life. Read more...

We do't offer the below type of MLM Softwares which are Available in the Market